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 The world has told us their view of our history.   It is a view tainted and skewed with the slants of  Catholicism and Protestantism alike.  The true impact of the Baptist people in America and the world's history has long been suppressed.








It is time to again teach our future generations the truth: truths such as where the spirit of liberty originated in the hearts of the American patriots, the desire for true religious freedom for all, the true separation of the church from the state government, the first amendment to our U.S. Constitution -- all of these and more had their roots in the faith and doctrine of the Baptist people of this new land.  The influence of the Baptist in America has been hidden by direct and indirect rewriting of our nation's history.














Shiloh Films is a unique ministry in that our desire is not only to teach true Baptist history, but to bring it to life through Film.  We have dedicated this ministry through much prayer and fasting, in the hope that the true stories we portray will stir your hearts as they have ours.

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