The Red Herring

Pastors, Fathers, and Families struggle to spiritually survive the plague that causes those infected to leave God altogether. This allegorical Drama dives deep into the minds of Christians across the globe.

The Price of Freedom - DVD

It is 1771 and the oppressed Regulators take the risk and stand against Governor Tryon.



The Trial of your Faith - DVD

A Pastors life is turned upside down when he is forced to stand before a Judge for allowing Biblical Doctrine to slip from his Church. The Witnesses? Martyrs that died for the doctrines he has abandoned.


The Over-Mountain Men III

Production Begins 2022!

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Rise of the Regulators - DVD

In 1755, Shubal Stearns led a wave of Baptist revival that began in Sandy Creek, and washed up over the mountains into the south.


As with Roses - DVD

A compelling true story of Obadiah Holmes, a persecuted Baptist preacher who lived in the early American Massachusetts colony.

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