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A Lively Experiment

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus promised, "...I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Just three verses later, He begun to show his disciples the great suffering that awaited Him. Calvary was the place of the most extreme pain and suffering ever endured by a man. The agony, utter heartbreak, and death of Christ were causes for all of hell to celebrate. However, three days later the Lamb of God walked out of the tomb. Now that the bridegroom could no longer be touched, Satan turned all his wrath on the Bride. From Calvary down through each century, a great war has been fought for the soul of man. Faithful men of God and a dedicated remnant have endured mockings, scourgings, bonds, imprisonment, stonings and the sword. They have wandered in deserts, mountains, dens and in caves of the earth.

     It was this storm of religious persecution that led a man by the name of John Clarke to the shores of America in 1637. Instead of finding the respite he had hoped for, he stepped into a similiar storm. God used this faithful man and a dedicated remnant to ensure true liberty for the citizens of Rhode Island regardless of race, religious beliefs or social status.

     Through much suffering and steadfast faithfulness that reached beyond themselves, John Clarke, Obadiah Holmes, and a small group of Baptists gave the world "A Lively Experiment".